Commodity Managing Team > Material Management

Once the design phase is complete, Southwold's materials organization, including purchasing and material planning department, steps in and adds value in materials selection and procurement. Selecting and acquiring the most optimal and cost effective materials at the outset of a manufacturing project is a crucial step in ensuring fast, efficient product development and delivery to customers. This results in a more efficient supply chain and at the same time ensures customers get the lowest total costs without compromising quality or speed. Southwold's material planner focuses on how to best manage inventory velocity and optimize delivery. Materials management, including day-to-day procurement activities and supplier management, is a key element of Southwold's supply-chain solutions offering. Southwold's dedicated materials organization oversees both tactical and strategic elements of procurement and are an important part of the design and manufacturing processes.

Southwold's customers are supported by comprehensive materials planning and inventory. This enables Southwold to aggregate demand, avoid shortages, dispose of excess materials and manage supplier contracts. In addition, Southwold uses material requirement planning software to provide customers' analysis and solutions on how to best process forecasts and orders. This allows the customer and Southwold to determine risks and commit to feasible schedules that optimize assets and availability.